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The primary goal of my research laboratory is to understand biological mechanisms in the brain underlying epilepsy, with the ultimate purpose of developing new therapies for epilepsy patients. We have focused on investigating cellular and molecular mechanisms of epileptogenesis and seizure-induced brain injury in animal models of epilepsy. Both pharmacological and genetic models of epilepsy are studied on the behavioral, circuit, cellular, and molecular level. A wide variety of experimental approaches are utilized, including electrophysiological (from patch-clamping in culture cells and slice preparations to in vivo video-EEG monitoring), histological (conventional and fluorescent assays), molecular biological (Western blotting, polymerase chain reaction), and modern cellular imaging (confocal and two-photon microscopy of in vivo, live slice, and fixed tissue preparations) techniques.

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Both basic laboratory research and clinical trials related to TSC are conducted via the Washington University Tuberous Sclerosis Center. 
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